Monday, 15 December 2014

Friday, 5 December 2014

New Play Store update

Play Store Material makeover adds new My Account page

HTC One M8 gets Lollipop today

HTC One M8 GPe to get Lollipop update Friday [Updated]

Saturday, 22 November 2014


The EU plans to break up Google in anti trust just makes you wonder what motivates this kind of actions. Just ridiculous and I would just like to send this message. Just leave Google and business alone. You just want to meddle what is not understood.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Android Lollipop

I downloaded a special rom for the G3 and it does away with Dalvick cache. It is far more faster. Will post more.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

LG G3 Lollipop update this week

LG says the G3 will get Android 5.0 Lollipop this coming week, at least in Poland

Friday, 24 October 2014

LG G3 Update 10M

Today a new update was launched through the LG PC Suite taking the G3 to version 10m. The following benefits are already felt.

1. Optimization of Android 4.4.2
2. Battery optimization
3. Preparation for version 5.0 Lollipop.

Try to update through the PC Suite.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

LGG3 keyboard update: don't install

I had an update that came up on Update Centre. It was an update for the LG keyboard. It was the worse update yet. The dictionaries of 2 languages were mixed together. The typing experience on Google apps was a waste of time when words did not correct.
It irritated me everyday. Today I went into the apps manager and uninstalled the update. Back to a smooth error free environment.
At least updates can be uninstalled. Newer is not always better.

Monday, 6 October 2014

IPhone update woes

It seems the people’s temper is rising. The IOS 8 system meant to replace IOS7 system is nothing short of a disaster. My daughter updated to IOS 8 to have battery drain and glitches with WiFi. It was updated to 8.0.2 and lost all data!!! She had tonnes of ITunes music and photos. All lost!!!

Lost not all as some was in Icloud. But imagine this kind of frustration thousands of times over. Apple is fast losing ground to Android and Windows phone. And unless it can push a myriad of fixes in 8.1 the defection rate will rise.

I think the push to release Ios8 along with the new IPhone 6 moniker has pushed a unpolished system too soon.

One thing we know,heads will roll at Apple and the confusion will disappear as Apple remembers it's user base being essential to it's supremacy. The consumer confidence has taken a blow...once that goes and stocks lose value then we could have another BlackBerry scenario.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Android L

The speculation is rising because it seems obvious that Android L is about to be released. Already a test ROM has been made for the Galaxy S5 to run Touchwiz with L. It was a buggy experience. This means that Samsung will have to make a new version of Touchwiz. However this means that first,Android L is almost to be released and second it seems that Samsung will update very quickly as there will be a demand for a faster and flatter experience.
Android L will do away with the Dalvick cache in favour of ART runtime. For some indication it seems that Android L phones to be launched next year will need more internal memory to adequately store apps as space will be needed to optimize apps for the runtime.
In Kit Kat the runtime is experiential and as such is quite reliable but not always. We anticipate in the runtime some polished effects.
The other advantage of the quick proliferation of Android L is the new “Material interface ” which will unify a design across the Google experience.
So as the speculation continues let us guess that by at least November 1st Android L be at least presented in it's entirety.
Until then we must hang in there with a half experience of Kit Kat.

Moto G

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Monday, 15 September 2014

SanDisk SD card biggest

SanDisk's 512GB SD card is the biggest in the world

35 best free Android apps.

35 of the best free Android apps

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

LG G3 warning about overheating and shutting down

There is a supposefd tweak accessed by dialing the a code to access hidden menus. These tweaks turn on Temperature and monitoring daemons which throttle the CPU. I tried the setting and found the smartphone heat up and close down.

The recommendation for speed is keep the phone up to date,keep screen on auto,clear out temp files. And wait for updates from LG. Messing with hidden settings can damage your phone or damage the config of Android.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

IPhone 6 news

Apple said to be working with American Express on iPhone 6 mobile payments

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


LG G3 to hit the 10 million sales milestone

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What Samsung needs to do

LG G3 4g/LTE connection problem

I have the software version 10H. I could not connect to 4G and it is widely documented on the XDA Developer forum. I downloaded the 4G switch on the Google Play Store. Then put the configuration to LTE/GSM/CDMA setting. This immediately activated the 4G sign and lightening fast browsing and email notifications. Count this as the fix for the 4G connection problem.

Galaxy Note 4 leak

Note 4 fingerprint features detailed in new leak

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Xiaomi Mi4

Three fun things to do with the Xiaomi Mi4 (Video)

Friday, 22 August 2014

1st day with LG G3

Great phone and great ART performance. There were 3 updates. The screen is fab! More to come. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lg G3 specs video

LG G3 Impressions!:

Product Testing

Another personal post from me. I have been invited to test products from LG Mobile Phone range. I shall be posting here from the new products as and when they arrive. The first to arrive will be the G3 phone. This is a flagship Android smartphone.  It is running Android 4.4.2 and the Optimus UI.  Watch this space....

Friday, 15 August 2014

LG G3 feature

10 things new LG G3 owners need to know

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Facebook Messenger suspicions laid aside by explanatory page

Facebook demystifies Messenger app permissions

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Personal post

It's not very often I write a post here without reproducing the major Android news.  When I started this blog I passed through S2, S3 mini, Galaxy Note 2 and now am on Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Newest iteration of the Note Series.

I am happy even though software is stuck on 4.3. Stuck not because there will be no update. But because Galaxy S5 and Galaxy 4 mini; Galaxy Note 2 and 3 is the priority. But 4.4.2 is becoming old and already 4.4.4 is being pushed out.

It seems for Samsung the transition to both the new UI and ART seems a way off. But we know that 5.0 will have to come with the new runtime.

What is comical is the flavour to our day with notifications to great us in the morning. The urgent email. Daily reading. Then social media.
What I really desire is the greater innovation of apps, faster apps; flow; gestures.

Gadgets are my passion....

Friday, 8 August 2014

Samsung future needs greater innovation

It’s time Samsung gets creative once again

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Speed up Android

How To: Speed Up the Android User Interface

Monday, 28 July 2014


LG G3 versus HTC One M8

Friday, 25 July 2014

Galaxy S5 performance update

Galaxy S4 LTE-A (GT-I9506) finally gets its KitKat update

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Lg g3

LG G3: Everything You Need to Know

LG G3 unboxing

Samsung Updates from Sammobile

Country (Product Code)ModelModel NameVersionPDA
Afghanistan (AFG)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Afghanistan (AFG)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXAMK2
Afghanistan (AFG)SM-G355HGALAXY Core 2 DUOS4.4.2G355HXXU0ANG1
Afghanistan (AFG)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAMG5
Afghanistan (AFG)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXANF2
Algeria (TMC)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAMG5
Algeria (TMC)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Australia (XSA)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANF2
Australia (XSA)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANF2
Australia (XSA)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANDD
Australia (XSA)SM-T530GALAXY Tab4 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T530XXU1ANCD
Austria (3 Hutchison) (DRE)GT-S7710GALAXY Xcover24.1.2S7710XXAND2
Baltic (SEB)SM-G313HN4.4.2G313HNXXU0ANG2
Baltic (SEB)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Bangladesh (TML)GT-I9300IGALAXY S III4.3I9300IDDUANG2
Bangladesh (TML)GT-I9300IGALAXY S III4.3I9300IDDUANE1
Brazil (ZTO)SM-G313MLGALAXY Ace Style4.4.2G313MLUBU0ANG1
Brazil (Oi) (ZTR)SM-G110BGALAXY Pocket 24.4.2G110BXXU0ANG1
Bulgaria (BGL)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Bulgaria (BGL)SM-G313HN4.4.2G313HNXXU0ANG2
Chile (CHO)SM-G7102GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7102XXUANE2
Chile (CHO)SM-P600GALAXY Note 10.1 Wi-Fi 2014 Edition4.4.2P600UBUCNF1
Chile (CHO)SM-P600GALAXY Note 10.1 Wi-Fi 2014 Edition4.4.2P600UBUCND1
Chile (Entel PCS) (CHE)SM-G313MLGALAXY Ace Style4.4.2G313MLUBU0ANF6
Chile (Telefonica) (CHT)GT-I9080LGALAXY Grand4.2.2I9080LUBUBND1
Chile (Telefonica) (CHT)GT-I9080LGALAXY Grand4.2.2I9080LUBUBMK3
China (CHU)GT-I9200GALAXY Mega
China (CHN)GT-I9200GALAXY Mega
China (CHM)SM-G9008VGALAXY S54.4.2G9008VZMU1ANF3
China (CHU)SM-G7106GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7106ZNUANG1
China (CHU)SM-G7106GALAXY Grand 2 DUOS4.3G7106ZNUANE1
China (CHU)GT-I9200GALAXY Mega
China (CHM)GT-I9158PGALAXY Mega 5.8 DUOS NFC4.3I9158PZMUANG1
China (CHN)GT-I9200GALAXY Mega
China (CHM)SM-G9008VGALAXY S54.4.2G9008VZMU1ANG1
Colombia (COO)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF8
Colombia (COO)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFA
Colombia (COO)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Colombia (COO)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFB
Czech Republic (ETL)GT-I8200NGALAXY S III mini VE4.2.2I8200NXXUANG1
Czech Republic (XEZ)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
France (XEF)SM-T805GALAXY Tab S 10.5 LTE4.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
France (Bouygues) (BOG)SM-G7105GALAXY Grand 2 LTE4.3G7105XXUANF4
Germany (DBT)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Germany (DBT)SM-G313HN4.4.2G313HNXXU0ANG2
Germany (DBT)SM-T520GALAXY TabPRO 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T520XXUANF4
Greece (EUR)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFB
Greece (EUR)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Guatemala (PGU)GT-S5360LGALAXY Y2.3.6S5360LUHKL4
Hong Kong (TGY)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDNG1
Hong Kong (TGY)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDNF3
Hungary (XEH)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Hungary (XEH)GT-I8200NGALAXY S III mini VE4.2.2I8200NXXUANG1
Hungary (XEH)SM-T705GALAXY Tab S 8.4 LTE4.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
Iraq (MID)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANE3
Iraq (MID)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Iraq (MID)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAMG5
Iraq (MID)SM-G355HGALAXY Core 2 DUOS4.4.2G355HXXU0ANG1
Italy (ITV)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANF3
Italy (ITV)GT-I9205GALAXY Mega 6.3 LTE4.4.2I9205XXUDNE4
Italy (ITV)GT-I9205GALAXY Mega 6.3 LTE4.2.2I9205XXUCNA2
Kenya (AFR)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Kenya (AFR)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAMI2
Luxembourg (LUX)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Malaysia (XME)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANF3
Morocco (FWD)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXANF2
Morocco (FWD)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXAMK2
Morocco (MWD) (MWD)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXANF2
Morocco (MWD) (MWD)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXAMK2
Nepal (NPL)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1ANG1
Netherlands (PHN)SM-T805GALAXY Tab S 10.5 LTE4.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Netherlands (PHN)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
New Zealand (Vodafone) (VNZ)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANDE
New Zealand (Vodafone) (VNZ)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANF3
Nigeria (ECT)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Nigeria (ECT)SM-G355HGALAXY Core 2 DUOS4.4.2G355HXXU0ANG1
Nordic countries (NEE)GT-N8010GALAXY Note
Nordic countries (NEE)GT-N8010GALAXY Note
Nordic countries (NEE)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Open Austria (ATO)GT-I9300GALAXY S III4.3I9300XXUGND1
Open Austria (ATO)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANF3
Open Austria (ATO)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Open Austria (La Fleur)(ATO)GT-I9300GALAXY S III4.3I9300XXUGND5
Pakistan (PAK) (PAK)SM-G355HGALAXY Core 2 DUOS4.4.2G355HXXU0ANG1
Pakistan (PAK) (PAK)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXAMK2
Pakistan (PAK) (PAK)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAMG5
Pakistan (PAK) (PAK)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXANF2
Pakistan (PAK) (PAK)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Panama (TPA)SM-G800HGALAXY S5 mini4.4.2G800HXXU1ANGC
Panama (TPA)GT-S7392LGALAXY Trend Lite DUOS4.1.2S7392LUBUAND1
Peru (PEO)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFA
Peru (PEO)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFB
Poland (XEO)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANG2
Poland (XEO)SM-G313HN4.4.2G313HNXXU0ANG2
Poland (XEO)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANE4
Poland (XEO)SM-T520GALAXY TabPRO 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T520XXUANF4
Poland (XEO)SM-T705GALAXY Tab S 8.4 LTE4.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
Poland (XEO)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Portugal (TPH) (TPH)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Romania (ROM)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Romania (Cosmote) (COA)SM-C115GALAXY K zoom4.4.2C115XXU1BNG1
Russia (SER)SM-T705GALAXY Tab S 8.4 LTE4.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
Russia (SER)GT-I9190GALAXY S4 mini4.2.2I9190XXUBNA1
Russia (SER)GT-I9190GALAXY S4 mini4.4.2I9190XXUCNG1
Russia (SER)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Saudi Arabia (WTL)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Saudi Arabia (ACR)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Saudi Arabia (KSA)SM-G900FDGALAXY S54.4.2G900FDXXU1ANF7
Singapore (MM1)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANF3
Singapore (MM1)SM-G7105GALAXY Grand 2 LTE4.3G7105XWUANG2
Singapore (XSP)SM-G7105GALAXY Grand 2 LTE4.3G7105XWUANG2
Singapore (XSP)SM-G313F4.4.2G313FXXU0ANG4
Singapore (XSP)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANF3
Singapore (MM1)SM-G313F4.4.2G313FXXU0ANG4
Singapore (SingTel) (SIN)SM-G7105GALAXY Grand 2 LTE4.3G7105XWUANG2
Singapore (SingTel) (SIN)SM-G313F4.4.2G313FXXU0ANG4
Singapore (SingTel) (SIN)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANF3
Singapore (StarHub) (STH)SM-G313F4.4.2G313FXXU0ANG4
Singapore (StarHub) (STH)SM-T535GALAXY Tab4 10.1 4G4.4.2T535XXU1ANF3
Singapore (StarHub) (STH)SM-G7105GALAXY Grand 2 LTE4.3G7105XWUANG2
Slovakia (ORX)GT-I9205GALAXY Mega 6.3 LTE4.2.2I9205XXUCNA2
Slovakia (XSK)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Slovakia (ORX)GT-I9205GALAXY Mega 6.3 LTE4.4.2I9205XXUDNF2
Slovenia (SIO)SM-T230GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T230XXU0ANG1
Slovenia (SIO)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
South Africa (XFA)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE7
South Africa (XFA)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.3I9500XXUEMJ8
South Africa (XFE)SM-G355HGALAXY Core 2 DUOS4.4.2G355HXXU0ANG1
South East Europe (SEE)SM-G355HN4.4.2G355HNXXU0ANG1
South East Europe (SEE)SM-N9005GALAXY Note 3 LTE4.4.2N9005XXUENB4
South East Europe (SEE)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
South East Europe (SEE)SM-N9005GALAXY Note 3 LTE4.4.2N9005XXUFNG2
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E300SGALAXY S44.4.2E300SKSUFNG3
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E300SGALAXY S44.3E300SKSUENA2
Spain (PHE)SM-T705GALAXY Tab S 8.4 LTE4.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
Spain (PHE)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
Spain (PHE)SM-T805GALAXY Tab S 10.5 LTE4.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
Spain (Yoigo) (Black Edition)(YOG)GT-S6310GALAXY Young4.1.2S6310XXANA1
Spint (cdma) (SPR)SM-G860P4.4.2G860PVPU1ANG2
Sri Lanka (SLK)SM-G130E4.4.2G130EXXU0ANG3
Switzerland (AUT)SM-T705GALAXY Tab S 8.4 LTE4.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
Taiwan (BRI)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDNF3
Taiwan (BRI)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900ZSUDNG1
Thailand (THL)GT-S5570BGALAXY mini2.3.4S5570BDCKP5
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFA
Trinidad and Tobago (EON)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFB
Trinidad and Tobago (EON)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFA
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANFB
Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)SM-G800HGALAXY S5 mini4.4.2G800HXXU1ANGG
Tunisia (TUN)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Tunisia (TUN)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAMI2
Turkey (TUR)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
Turkey (TUR)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAMG5
Turkey (La Fleur)(TUR)SM-G900FQGALAXY S54.4.2G900FQJVU1ANE3
Turkey (La Fleur)(TUR)SM-G900FQGALAXY S54.4.2G900FQJVU1ANG3
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1ANF2
United Arab Emirates (XSG)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOSI8552XXAMK2
United Arab Emirates (LYS)GT-I8262GALAXY Core DUOS4.1.2I8262XXAND1
United Arab Emirates (XSG)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXANF2
United Kingdom (BTU)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF9
United Kingdom (BTU)SM-T805GALAXY Tab S 10.5 LTE4.4.2T805XXU1ANFB
United Kingdom (BTU)SM-T705GALAXY Tab S 8.4 LTE4.4.2T705XXU1ANF8
United Kingdom (Carphone Warehouse) (CPW)GT-P1000GALAXY Tab2.3P1000XWJP9
United Kingdom (Vodafone) (VOD)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANG2
United Kingdom (Vodafone) (VOD)SM-G900FGALAXY S54.4.2G900FXXU1ANE2
Unknown (BNG)SM-T531GALAXY Tab4 10.1 3G4.4.2T531XXU1ANG1
Unknown (LRA)SM-G900R64.4.2G900R6WWU2ANF2
Unknown (MST)GT-I9300GALAXY S III4.3I9300XXUGND5
Unknown (LRA)SM-G900R64.4.2G900R6WWU2AND7
Unknown (ORL)SM-T705GALAXY Tab S 8.4 LTE4.4.2T705XXU1ANF8