Sunday, 29 June 2014

Galaxy Note 3 Neo first impressions

I have used for the last 3 months the Galaxy Note 2. Impressive it was. The ROM was Ditto Note with a Galaxy S5 skin with apps for the S5. Impressive performance.  But the chipset and CPU whilst fast was not sometimes fast in making calls or switching between apps. So the Galaxy Note 3 Neo was made available to test.

Setup was fast enough with apps and settings backed up to Google and once I put my Google account in it immediately set about restoring all my apps. Including an update to Android 4.3  which has been buggy for many.

Performance has been fast and no lag.  App switching was good. Fast and no memory lost. If it is this fast on 4.3 how will it be on 4.4? That has yet to arrive.

Battery life on this Note 3 neo is 1000 times better than the Note 2.

First impressions last and this mobile has made a great impression !

More to come!

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