Saturday, 9 August 2014

Personal post

It's not very often I write a post here without reproducing the major Android news.  When I started this blog I passed through S2, S3 mini, Galaxy Note 2 and now am on Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Newest iteration of the Note Series.

I am happy even though software is stuck on 4.3. Stuck not because there will be no update. But because Galaxy S5 and Galaxy 4 mini; Galaxy Note 2 and 3 is the priority. But 4.4.2 is becoming old and already 4.4.4 is being pushed out.

It seems for Samsung the transition to both the new UI and ART seems a way off. But we know that 5.0 will have to come with the new runtime.

What is comical is the flavour to our day with notifications to great us in the morning. The urgent email. Daily reading. Then social media.
What I really desire is the greater innovation of apps, faster apps; flow; gestures.

Gadgets are my passion....

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