Monday, 6 October 2014

IPhone update woes

It seems the people’s temper is rising. The IOS 8 system meant to replace IOS7 system is nothing short of a disaster. My daughter updated to IOS 8 to have battery drain and glitches with WiFi. It was updated to 8.0.2 and lost all data!!! She had tonnes of ITunes music and photos. All lost!!!

Lost not all as some was in Icloud. But imagine this kind of frustration thousands of times over. Apple is fast losing ground to Android and Windows phone. And unless it can push a myriad of fixes in 8.1 the defection rate will rise.

I think the push to release Ios8 along with the new IPhone 6 moniker has pushed a unpolished system too soon.

One thing we know,heads will roll at Apple and the confusion will disappear as Apple remembers it's user base being essential to it's supremacy. The consumer confidence has taken a blow...once that goes and stocks lose value then we could have another BlackBerry scenario.

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