Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Blackberry Leap: Blackberry appraisal.

MWC 2015 Launch
Blackberry Leap

Was watching the video from PocketNow with the surprise launch of the Blackberry Leap still using the Blackberry OS version 10.3.1. 

It has come under a lot of fire for its devices. Ever since the OS had been renovated and with the capability to run Android I cannot understand how the company and its devices lost popularity. I used to own a Blackberry 9320, which was really good. Used to love that phone. Then I jumped up to the Z10 which for me was a revolution in itself. I cannot understand how a innovative new hardware and software did not make the hit. It seems who is dominating the mobile world is Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC. These are my observations and you may not agree with me. But having had a Z10 the only irritation I had was the slowness of updates to the OS. But now I have a Samsung phone the update cycle is even worse. So why are companies not developing their OS enough? Why do companies blame the carriers? 

I saw the launch of the Z10 and Q10 over 2 years ago now. It was exciting. Just seems a pity that noone warmed to what Blackberry tried to do. It just goes to show the unreliability of the trend and the mood. 

Blackberry Leap seems to be a redone version of the Z10 with the ability to run Android apps. However, another irritation was the lack of native apps. When you develop a OS make great incentive to app developers and make the platform easy to launch apps. Both Apple and Google dominate this area. 

So what of Blackberry? I feel that maybe it is time to explore making an OS, or Skin over Android, maybe even make a variant of Android and make it innovative. The thing Blackberry is doing, and must do, is decide where its target clients are, and innovate for them. 

I sense that Blackberry will come back with a device that is going to catch the attention of the Mobile world. The Leap will not do that. This will be a future device. 

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