Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What to do on a day when you're sick

Today am quite sick. It is that flu feeling. Than "man" flu that makes any man take to his bed and get the women nursing you. What you can do is sneak your mobile under the covers.
Right now am sat in bed. Two cushions to support my suffering soul.
First things first get comfortable and take advantage.
1. Catch up on the social feed.
2. Catch up with Pocketnow videos.
3. Read the Flip board daily edition.
4. Catch up on emails
5. Try to book a weekend on Booking.com hotel app.
6. Send a tweet to notify work colleagues of your beleaguered state. 😯
7. Try Smart Remote on your Galaxy to see your favourite channels.
8. Try to order a takeaway from your favourite app.

That should fill your whole day...don't forget medicine in between.

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