Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Engage the Companies

We can review. We can comment. But we can do this describing the product.

But we need to shape the technology and engage to innovate.

For example we need to engage the giants to listen to the customer.

For example Samsung need to learn from HTC about Sense and learn the lessons.  Not copy, but take notice of the way it is light over Android. Android is fast!! But Touchwiz makes it lag.

HTC need to learn that Samsung knows how to capture customers with Amoled rich colour screens.

Also Apple needs to open IOS to customization.

I say "companies learn from each other, do not copy, innovate to the max."

We as reviewers must engage the Companies that way we can make a difference.

Not just about describing but we need to become designing as well. Our opinions mean nothing unless we too can engage the players in healthy dialogue.

As it is the technology is massive.  But the journey must continue.

We must engage to innovate!!!

Russell A Durose a.k.a Gadgets are my Passion.


  1. For example
    Samsung know how to saturate
    HTC know how to have sense
    Sony know how to compact
    Apple know how to design