Friday, 10 April 2015

Yesterday's flagship, today's flagship

Today in 20 countries we had 2 launched flagships; the HTC One M9 and the Samsung s6 and s6 Edge.

The appeal is never to the possibility of our pockets nor the wait to save. We need the latest, the fastest, the most good looking smartphone that makes all heads turn and eyes roll with envy.

It is human nature to better what we possess. And we don't mind how we pay for it.

For some the possibility of going for the latest is not an option. So how does the S5 fare against it's new sibling? For a objective opinion not well. The old Touchwiz and well worn software and the lack of regular updates leaves one wondering what the term flagship really means. What saves the s5 is the camera.

On the HTC front fares better with the M8. Still a good phone yet the camera fares badly in certain scenarios. One director today confirms the upcoming update to the M8 to Sense 7. Same skin as the M9. I am sure by then the M9 will be updated further.

Sometimes we cannot always have what we want. We have to decide if the s5 serves us well. It is mostly soft plastic and waterproof. It has many qualities and now the s6 has been released it is certain that prices for the s5 will be even more accessible.

If we remember the reviews of the s5 there was a sense that Samsung played it safe. In the current iteration has nothing to do than congratulate themselves for such a good smartphone. The Note 4 is still a main player as is the Alpha. Samsung has learned that build needs to be good inside and out.

So if you can stretch the possibilities go for the present. But it is certain that 12 months down the road the flagship will be replaced.

Are we creating an expensive recycling of technology? It would seem so.

What is exciting is the pace of technology, the creativity of design and daily interaction. We are transitioning from mere social media entry to the media stream of social media and news from several feeds. We are reading news and making news in many different realms.

However we look at it the flagship is in our mind and in our desires. We determine trends and demands. It is up to us if we submit to a fashion of leasing phones for 2 years to then iterate our tastes.

The flagship is what we make it...

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