Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My review of the S6

I had a Note 4 but I was tired of the blocking up of Maps, and Gmail and other apps, particularly when it came to loading in app webpages. The Facebook app would lock up when it loaded the links found in the news feed. Even though the Note 4 has been upgraded up to Android 5.0.1 the slowness of the memory management got to me. It was welcome that my friends suggested I go to receive an exchange they arranged for me. 

For me there are several things about the s6 that are taking some getting used to. The size is so much smaller than the Note 4. Even so the display brightness even on Auto is magnificent indeed. The first setup was really fast, with the download of apps, from a backup stored on Samsung servers. The next thing that called to do was the OTA download of the new update for Samsung S6. This was to improve varying areas of the smartphone, including camera and the native email client. 

I use email a lot, and the email client on the Note 4 was good in its rich text editting environment. But the s6 is streamlined and neat in every way, and fast. But I have noticed that Yahoo several times fails to log in. The browser is very rapid indeed. The whole experience for me is of ENHANCEMENT, excellence, and elegance . Facebook seems very responsive, as does other apps as well. I am very very pleased, and whilst the HTC One M9 is a rapid and great device, the whole Samsung s6 experience is way superior. The rapidity of processing and ram is so much more superior. 

The camera was tried out today and was super...high quality, and lifelike. 

I hope the s7 will build on this experience, and not repeat the s5 failings. 

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