Friday, 22 May 2015


The S6 and M9 are the flagships of 2015. They are the best. I am privileged to have them both.

1. Build
Both premium build. Both without replaceable battery. But built in. Very well and sturdy. 
2. Camera
HTC have sent updates and has improved performance.  The s6 wins hands down. Great software options.
3. Battery life
Both on par
4. Software
Both on Android 5.0.2. Touchwiz on s6 much improved. Sense 7 is fluid and fast. Great interface.
5. Performance
Both lightning fast and no lag.
6. Speaker
HTC wins hands down with Boomsound stereo front facing speakers.  Samsung opted for below edge like IPhone .
7. Display
Samsung wins with QHD display. HTC opted for IPS LCD.  The pixel density on s6 is 577 whilst HTC is on 420.
Overall the Samsung wins with a great email client redesign. The HTC is a great contender.

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