Saturday, 28 May 2016

s7 Review

Due to my s6, which I have had for a year, since which the software went down whilst browsing with Samsung Browser. It went down, I tried to go to Recovery, could not, tried to flash the stock rom and nothing. The conclusion being is that it was to go to repair. Went to O2, but O2 said that the repair was not going to happen alleging the phone had been tampered with. So I had to upgrade to the Galaxy S7. 

The phone is a beast of a phone. Performance is beyond belief. The system is buoyed with 4GB of RAM. This amount of memory was a dream a few years ago. Running Android 6.0.1 out of the box. Already the first software update has been issued. 

In terms of the camera, focus and detail is the most incredible. Whilst the s6 had 16mpixels the shooter is now down to 12. This means that the new software tweaks has brought this up to the s6 standard if not better. 

Email and social media is so quick, applications launching in 1 second. The Exynos chipset here in the UK is the most rapid of any phone configuration. 

I have had the phone 2 days now, and I cannot believe the difference between this and the s6. 

The notification shade is so good, receiving colourful and detailed notifications. Email delivers quickly, and photos upload to Facebook and Instagram so fast, and to cloud services. 

I estimate that with further software updates the platform becomes more and more optimized. 

There is no doubt, the s7 is the best smartphone around. 

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