Monday, 8 June 2020

My Journey with Samsung

My journey started with Samsung at Christmas 2014 with the Note 4. 

The Note 4 was a departure from the plastic phones that were preceding this one. My daughter also had one. I did not have it long, about 4 months, when I felt it was beyond me. It was a wonderful phone, but sometimes lagged with the Old Touchwiz. 

Then I had the Samsung Galaxy s6, mainly because MBKHD publicised it on his Youtube channel. 

The s6 was a great phone, launched on Android 5.01. It was a rapid phone, and as the months went on, with the updates got so much better. The problem with the phone after having it for 2 years was one day browsing it closed down and would not load up again. I took it to the phone operator, they could not fix it. They alleged I had rooted it, so I had to have a new phone. 

I knew about the s7 when I saw its unveiling live on my s6, so I was waiting for an upgrade, it came unexpectedly. It was a great phone. Fast and the updates made it so much better. Launched on Android 5.1, and I subscribed to the Nougat beta Christmas 2015. It was amazing beta update, loved it. I got a great deal from my operator at the time. It was fast and it was a great phone, recommend it even today.

In 2018 I got my new S8, but I broke it, the screen, on my car door, and got a new one paid by insurance. The s8 Plus. 

My only complaint is that the Amoled screen burned in. I got severe burn in, and the phone was fast but the burn in had made it worthless. 

In 2018 at the end I got the s9, which I had 2 years. 

The s9 was an awesome phone, even upgraded it to Android 10 through Samsung's Beta Programme. The lockdown came in 2020, March and I was charging it 3 or 4 times a day, it was no longer holding its charge. So I got a great deal to upgrade. My phone today is the Note 10. 

The experience is awesome, and I am so looking forward to the Beta Programme. I love Samsung, personal taste of mine. 

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