Mobiles are my Passion

Mobiles are my Passion

Passion for mobile Technology

I am with this blog now for some time, having some passion for the mobile technology that I use. I have used blogs in conjunction with my Christian Ministry work, but here I am a gadgets man. Yes, I have friends who are also. 

The Passion was gained via the collections of Gadgets I have had the pleasure to own, to test, and it has been my joy to discover after a season with Iphone to discover that my misconceptions of Android, and Touchwiz was unfounded. I discovered through having a Galaxy S2 how wrong I was. I went from the S2 to the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. A fantastic almost tablet like gadget. From there I had almost a year a LGG3. A good phablet, but sometimes suffered from overheating and it was one of the first to have Android 5.0 Lollipop. 

Now my daily driver is the Galaxy Note 4. Has been recently upgraded to Android 5.0.1. Amazing to work with. 

So if your passion is like mine, follow this blog. 

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